Let's start the conversation!

I'll say what's exactly on my mind
And you can do the same in kind
Lift our voices and be heard
So we can spread the word
It's time to share our
Taylored Moment
Releasing all our worries and our fears
Expressing to someone else that we care
No more emptiness
and loneliness we're here
So...tell me what's your
Taylored Moment?
If the stories contained in the Taylored Moment series help even one person to open up and speak what's on their heart, or empowers another person to seek help that they would not have sought otherwise, or incites the masses to ignite the flame of change...then we will be forever grateful, and forever thankful, and SUCCESSFUL in our endeavor!
It's amazing!  I truly wish I had a book like this when I was younger.  If you have children, plan on having children, or was once a child who wished they could have started these conversations with your parents, you need to read this.  We need to begin talking to each other, not judging and hurting each other.  We need to know it's okay to love ourselves just as we are.
~ Robin, Grapevine, TX
Healing book; great for veterans and their families.
~Anonymous, Austin, TX