So...what's your Taylored Moment?

Courtesy of health time
Taylored Moment is more than just a series of's a movement.

Readers will likely see themselves between the pages of any Taylored Moment book, as they recall a Taylored Moment of their very own.

After sharing their own personal Taylored Moment with their readers, the authors invite their readers to share their own Taylored Moment as well.

Taylor Your Moment allows readers to have a voice, an outlet, and the knowledge of knowing that they're not the only person going through whatever experience they may be struggling with.  That not only the authors have had a similar experience, and shared it with them, but that there are other people, all over the world, without any vested interest, who may want to lend an ear, share an experience and maybe even offer a solution to their issue that may have worked for them..thereby, continuing the conversation.

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So...what's  your Taylored Moment?

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