Taylored Beginnings

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Taylored Moment began in November 2013 as a middle school science project, believe it or not.

The assignment was to pick a scientific topic, in this case, Global Warming, and write a children’s book on said topic.  The goal was to have the reader walk away having learned something about the subject matter of the book.

It was decided that the book would have a poetic format with references to the earth’s atmosphere, types of external forcings, pollutants, temperature changes, climate extremes; as well as solutions to help combat global warming…all told in the form of a poetic short story.

The short story received rave reviews from peers, mentors, friends and family.  Eventually, the idea of publishing was discussed.

After much brainstorming, research and having firsthand experience with the dynamics of a mother/teenage-daughter relationship and all that goes along with it, Taylored Moment was born as a labor of love, growth, tears and understanding.
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The process of creating the series has opened up avenues of discussion between mother and daughter on topics such as self-image, bullying, drugs and life choices…all of which have become short stories in the series unto themselves.

Several deeply emotional and personal conversations evolved into a project to help assist the authors in opening up avenues of discussion so that they could navigate the new and unknown together.

The result is a deeper, stronger, more understanding, and more importantly more open relationship that empowers the child to approach the parent without fear of judgement, anger and/or disappointment; but, instead knowing that they’ll find understanding, empathy and insight.

The creation of Taylored Moment has strengthened the bond between mother and daughter, which they in turn, wish to pay-it-forward to others.

Taylored Moment was born out of both authors’ personal experiences with the trials and tribulations of being a young-adult in today's society, and the mechanics of raising one…which is why this series is so unique, timely and heartfelt.

This is an introduction to Brianna Taylor.

We invite you to join us on our journey to discover and explore.