Taylored Heights

Taylored Heights is a Taylored Moment way of giving back to the community that helps to support Taylored Moment and the empowerment of young adults.

Taylored Moment will donate 10/books for every 100/books sold for fundraising purposes for church groups, youth programs, non-profit organizations, PTA’s, etc.

Additionally, Taylored Moment will give back 15% of all sales generated by those fundraising efforts.

On top of that, Taylored Moment will donate an additional 50% of that 15%!

So, let’s do the math with the cost of each book at $16.99:
  • Your organization sells 100/books @ $16.99/each = $1,699 (sales)
  • Taylored Moment donates 10/books for sale each sold @ $16.99/each: $169.90
  • Taylored Moment donates 15% of sales = $254.85 (15% of $1,699 - not including sales from 10/donated books)
  • Taylored Moment matches 50% of that 15% donation = $127.43 (50% of 254.85)
Total amount earned for fundraising efforts: $552.18

For information on how your organization can start a fundraising campaign, please email us at Info@TayloredMoment.com.